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Marriage is perhaps the most rewarding and transforming adventure of human
relationships.  Your wedding ceremony did not create your marriage, only you
did that— through the way you have loved, supported, honored cherished and
forgiven each other every step of the way.      Through tenderness,
perseverance, laughter,  forgiveness, appreciating your differences,  believing
in each other and  making the important things matter, you stand before us
today to again bear witness to the transforming power of fully intending to love
one another.  Recognizing God as your partner and Source in all things was the
foundation of your wedding ceremony and continuing to bind yourselves as one
with His indwelling Spirit makes your marriage a holy enterprise.

Your vow renewal ceremony is a powerful time to witness and affirm your
intention to continue to stand together as partners.   And a sacred time to reflect
on all that you have experienced and overcome as a married couple.   As an
interfaith minister, I celebrate the indwelling presence of God to continue to
abundantly guide every area of your life.  Your beautiful ceremony is an outward
demonstration of an inward commitment.   It is a truly celebration of unity with
our Source of Love.

If you elect to include children and grandchildren, you are creating powerful
memories of your love which the greatest gift you can give to your future
generation.  Perhaps, you might choose to have them as your attendants or to
speak on your behalf.    And if you invite guests, they have the opportunity to
reflect on the power of recommitted Love as it pertains to their own
relationships.  And, they become God’s witnesses and your spiritual partners
in your marriage.   Or, perhaps your vow renewal is a deeply private expression
of re-dedication made between each of you, blessed by your officiant.

You may choose a significant anniversary to renew your vows, or to
acknowledge you have successfully moved through a difficult crisis.  Whatever
the motivation, vow renewal is a powerful time to reaffirm the Love that first
brought you together.   This intention will continue to hone you and your
marriage to its spiritual brilliance.

What better place than the beauty, tranquility, solitude and peace of  Sedona to
renew your vows.  You may choose a weekend getaway at one of the charming
hotels, resorts, inns or lodges.  Whether in front of a beautiful rocks, or in a
private room at one of our fine restaurants, and other venues, your ceremony
location will be uniquely meaningful for you.  And there are many  options
where you can have a perfect romantic dinner or reception for you and your

As a full-time resident of Sedona,, I am happy to guide you on the perfect
location for your romantic getaway and heartfelt ceremony and celebration.  And
our Chamber of Commerce can provide you any information as well.

I look forward to discussing your vision of your Ceremony.  Your recommitment
to your Love is the power that continues to invite you to bloom and transform,
and it is by that very love that your marriage shall forever endure.