Hands on Healing, Soul Counseling, Affirmative Prayer
of the
Healing Ministry
As an ordained Minister,  Unity of Sedona Chaplain, Prayer Team Leader and trained Level III
practitioner of affirmative prayer, hands on healing and soul counseling, I have helped many people
experience profound healing in body, mind and soul.

That said, I offer weekly classes. We  practice centering prayer, chanting, meditation, breath work,
and soulful sharing, among other healing modalities. I hope you will consider joining the group. It
would be an honor to experience your beautiful light!  And feel free to share this information with
friends. You can contact me at sheryladahman@yahoo.com for current schedule.  

Please contact me for for current schedule and pricing.  SherylADahman@yahoo.com

And if you would like a private healing session with me, please contact me at the above email
The Chaplain program at Unity of Sedona is
considered by many to be the best on the country.
Sheryl Sophia has been one of our few Lead
Chaplains, as well as being in charge of writing the
prayer we use for people who send in requests for
prayers. And every single person in our program
agrees that there is no one who does a better job at
writing/sharing deep, powerful, inspiring, and
effective prayers. Sheryl Sophia has found her soul's
purpose, a gift from God that she shares so well.
--Michael Mirdad, Spiritual Leader at Unity of Sedona
I cannot put into words how beautifully
masterful Sheryl Sophia is when she
creates our incredible prayers for our
Chaplain Prayer Requests. Her use of the
english language takes on an entire new
light when she creates from her God
Thank you Sheryl Sophia for your talents
and inspiration.

Julia Mueller
About a year ago I found myself lost, living in
fear, and feeling alone spiritually, mentally,
and physically.
God gave me a miracle when he connected me
with the Divine Soul, known as Sheryl.
Every prayer she sent to me were words from
the Divine.
When I met with Sheryl personally, she took
both my hands into hers and looked right into
my soul.
Each word Sheryl spoke opened my heart more
and more so I could see Divine Love not only in
Sheryl, but also in myself.
Sheryl is indeed a Gift from God and just being
in her presence, I can hear the songs of angels.

Sheryl Sophia's ability to go into her heart on a
moment's notice and recite a prayer that is
profoundly healing, loving, and nurturing always
astounds me. Her words are poetry in action, as
you can feel the energy of the Divine pulsating
through your body as you hear or read Sheryl
/Sophia's prayer. When I have been the recipient
of her work, in that moment I can deeply feel God
surrounding me with healing and loving energy.

Sandy Barber
Office Administrator
Unity of Sedona
65 Deer Trail Drive
Sedona, AZ 86336
Your words were such a comfort to Steve and myself during his treatment and then
during his transition.
He asked that I read her prayers nightly, in the hospital and at home.  His last day I
read the prayer, and laid it by him.  
When Sheryl spoke at his graveside, we were all moved by the depth of her
inspiration and spirit-filled light concerning him, even though she had never met him.
My session with Sheryl helped me move deeper in my faith and confidence for myself
to survive.  The recordings she made kept me going many days after.  I still have
them on my phone and very often listen to them for inspiration and hope.

In light and love